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Options for users of the research services of Anderson & Associates

1) Establish a Deposit Account ($250.00). This works best if you anticipate having multiple requests in the future. I will charge the account for work done and keep you posted about the balance. This is like having your own personal reference librarian on retainer.

2) Buy one unit of research ($25.00) at a time. If I cannot answer your question for this amount, I will contact you with an estimate of total research costs. At that point you will have the option of cancelling your request, whereupon I will reverse the $25 charge, or you can submit the additional payment through PayPal.

3)Subscribe to a Current Awareness Service($25.00/month). Receive regular reports of pertinent research in your field. A profile will be created, and regular searches run against this profile on appropriate databases. Citations to the literature including abstracts will be emailed to you at regular intervals. If you choose this option, contact me using the link below to set up your profile

Note: Photocopying/Shipping/Delivery of hardcopy or media will incur additional charges.

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