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Below are a few of the many online and print articles and books I have published over the past years. Please note: Due to the vagaries of Web content providers, some of these may have been moved or renamed. Author Page  

Online Stories and Articles
Kindle: Giulio Ulivi: The Inventor Who Might Have Ended Wars

Kindle: A Triptych of Twisted Tales

Kindle: If It's Thursday I Must Be Me

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Dreamweaver CS3 vs. CS4. Is the Upgrade Worth The Cost?
Use Built-In Dreamweaver CS4 Capabilities to Check Your Website Before Going Live
Discover Some Unusual Uses for Pareto Analysis in Financial Planning
How to Create a Dreamweaver Calendar with the Spry Data Set Wizard and Yahoo UI Calendar
Use JavaScript to Pick Daily Lottery Numbers
Is It Cheaper to Use Your Laser Printer or Go to a Local Copy Shop? Do the Math and Decide
New Treatment For Overactive Bladder
Arthicoke Leaf Extract May Lower Cholesterol, Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Dyspepsia
Try Barley for a Healthy Heart, Blood Sugar Control and Cancer Prevention
Using Microsoft Word's Outline View to Plan Presentations
Natural Remedies for Rosacea: Alternatives to Prescription Drugs
Taking Flax Seeds to Prevent Prostate Cancer: Good or Bad Idea?
Detoxification Systems: Do They Work and How Safe Are They?
Can an Ancient Indian Herb Prevent Cardiovascular Disease?
SuCasa Web Template Source
Using Microsoft OneNote for Research and Brainstorming 
Milk Thistle: An Old Herb for the Liver with Potential New Uses
What Are Adaptogens and Why Take Them? 
Retention Rules for Home Office Documents
Home Office Insurance—A Good Thing for All Home-Based Businesses
Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Electrical Wiring Concerns
Selecting the Correct Size UPS for Your Home Office
Do You Need an Uninterruptible Power Supply in Your Home?
Give Your Favorite Web Designer Photo Editing Software for the Holidays
How Does Homeopathy Work: Some Possible Explanations from the New Physics
Avoid the Dangers of High Fructose Corn Syrup for Your Metabolism’s Sake
Start Planning for Tomorrow Before You Quit Work Today
How to Make an HTML Banner with Photoshop
Lose Abdominal Fat by Decreasing Leptin Resistance
If Computer Use Is Tiring Your Eyes, Read These Suggestions for Help
Use Enzymes and New Types of Probiotics to Improve Digestion
Adrenal Fatigue: Does It Exist?
How to Build an Online Store with Dreamweaver 8
How to Insert a Timer in MS Excel
Ethernet Protocols
How to Read a Coronary Calcium Score
How to Read Your Bone Density Test
About Prostate Tumor Grades
How to Clean a Laserjet 1200
How to Create a BMI Calculator
How Does a Claims Adjuster Spend a Workday?
About AARP Medicare Supplement and Drug Plan
sHow to Compare the Effectiveness of Weight Watchers and Other Diet Plans
Creating a Website That Can Receive Payments
How to Minimize Vestibular Disorders While Using TVs and Computer Displays.
History of Gastric Bypass Surgery.
How to Understand Mitochondrial DNA.
How to Compare the Effectiveness of Weight Watchers and Other Diet Plans.
Creating a Website in Dreamweaver.
Connecting Two PCs With a Router.
How Does a Barber Spend a Workday?
How Does an Electrician Spend a Workday?
How Does a Floral Designer Spend a Workday?
How Does a Machinist Spend a Workday?
How to Convert 35MM Slides to Digital Photos.
How to Organize Thoughts to Write Better Articles.
Converting 35MM Slides to CD.
How to Join the Cardiology Society of India.
How to Calculate BMI.
How to Draft a LLC Operating Agreement.
How to Use Excel to Build a Quoting System
How to Use the "IF" Function in Excel.
How to Remove a DVD Drive in Windows XP.
How to Use HTML Layers.
What Started the Apache Wars?
Cause of Alzheimer's Disease.
Creating a Website That Can Receive Payments.
History of the AFL-CIO.
What Does the Spleen Do?
What Is Lithotripsy?
What Started the Apache Wars?
How to Use a Router to Flatten a Board
How to Wire a House Circuit Panel
How to Define the Term Titration
Side Effects of Yaz Birth Control
About Vasectomy Procedure Risks
How to Open a Business in Tallahassee
What Is a Spreadsheet Used For?
What Is a DLL File?
What Is the HIPAA?
What Is the Success Rate of IVF?
What Is C?
Bidding on Book Indexing Jobs: Using a Spreadsheet to Help Develop Quotations for Clients.
Review: Hard Freeze (Dan Simmons): A Joe Kurtz Novel
Speech Recognition and Indexing: Get Started Using Dictation to Create Index Entries
How Many Mensans Does It Take: To Change a Light Bulb? or, Mensans Are Just Real People—Not Nerds
Indexing as an Ideal Home Business: Some Factors that Might Influence Success as a Professional Indexer
A Forgotten Italian Inventor: Headline News Maker in 1915-16, but Does Anyone Remember Him Today?
Marketing Your Indexing Services: Finding Potential Alternative Clients for Indexing Work
Arriverderci Roma-Goodbye to Rome: The Original Song—More Complex than the Simple English Version
Microsoft Vista Support Hints: How to Navigate the Frustrating Waters of Microsoft’s Chat Support
Secrets of a Successful Indexer: Or, How to Increase Your Hourly Income Using Some Simple Techniques
Driving in Rome: An Experience in Living Life to the Fullest
The Offbeat Traveler: Ten Things to Do in Rome When You Tire of Monuments and Churches
How to Fully Uninstall Software: Removing a Program from the Computer Is Not as Easy as It Seems
Review: Ask the Parrot: A New Parker Novel
Simple Steps to Better Writing: Make the Written Word Easy on the Eyes with These Easy Rules
The Other Side of History: Sometimes Past Events Were a Bit Different than People Believe
Safety Tips from Race Car Drivers: Cautionary Lessons from Several Great Race Drivers
Writing Great Indexing Entries: The Key to Creating Clear and Concise Headings and Subheadings
Imaginary Time—Not What You Think: In Mathematics and Physics Imaginary Time Really Does Exist
Cures for Life’s Petty Annoyances: Coping Mechanisms to Deal with Annoying Events and Minor Mysteries
Rediscover an American Humorist: Greatest Gen Readers Knew Thorne Smith—Now Boomers Need His Humor
Marketing on the Web for Indexers: Ten Do’s and Don’ts to Develop an Online Presence
Faster Indexing with Macros: Cut Input Time by up to 50% while indexing
Medical Info Searches on the Web: Going Beyond Google to Find Authoritative Medical Journal Articles

Representative Print Publications

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