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Based on compilations of data from sources including U.S. government health statistics and peer-reviewed journals in the medical field, in the 1990s the estimated annual deaths of hospital patients from iatrogenic (physician or health establishment related) causes were 783,936. Contributing to these numbers were such things as adverse drug reactions, 106,000, bedsores, 115,000; infection; 88,000; medical errors, 98,000 and unnecessary procedures, 37,136. For more details, see Table of Iatrogenic Deaths in the United States
By comparison, according to the American Heart Association, in 2006 cardiovascular diseases claimed 831, 272 lives. In the same year, cancer caused 559,888 deaths. Unless you assume iatrogenic deaths have gotten markedly less, this suggests the medical system in the United States is at least the second leading cause of death in this country.
Posts and comments to this blog will put a concrete face on these cold numbers. Your examples of illnesses and deaths you believe caused by hospital stays, as either inpatient or outpatient, are welcome.

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