The Future of Health Care in America under a Progressive Government

The Biggest Hospital Danger of All.

Since ObamaCare first entered the public consciousness and finally became the Law of the Land, so much has been published on the subject that the underlying philosophical reality is obfuscated. A skeptic might even consider this widespread cloudiness was deliberate to disguise the true nature of Obama and his backers’ intentions.

To understand what is happening, start by taking Obama’s own advice when he said, during the 2008 Presidential campaign, “’Judge me by the people with whom I surround myself.” In another interview, talking about his early years in college, he said, “To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students; the foreign students; the Chicanos; the Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets.”

Now put these remarks in the context of another statement as he began to promote what eventually became Obamacare, “I happen to be a proponent of the single payer health care plan — a single payer health care plan — universal health care — that’s what I’d like to see.” [For a lengthy list of his various attempts to disguise the immediacy of his interest, see this link.] Add to this mix the knowledge that the people who designed ObamaCare were fervent admirers of the British National Health Service.

The clue to understanding where Obama and successors intend America to go in the field of health care and indeed the country as a whole is to recognize he is by family tradition, mentors, education and inclination, at the deepest level a Marxist. Not only a Marxist, but an extremely skilled political organizer—after all, that was his primary work experience before he entered government.

What does a thinking person have to conclude?

  1. The Affordable Care Act—the brilliantly euphemistic example of George Orwell’s Newspeak, the horribly designed plan Nancy Pelosi said had to be passed to understand it, was designed to fail. How many even today actually understand the full ramifications of a 2,000+-page bill—except for the carefully hidden actual developers of the wordage?
  2. As the developing mish-mash of problems we are seeing worsen, inevitably there will come a public cry for the government to step in and “fix this mess.”
  3. How will the mess be fixed? At the beginning, the U.S. government will follow what started as a single provincial experience in Canada in a universal, a publicly funded medical care system, and ended with a national socialistic system.
  4. The U.S. government’s easiest solution simply will be to turn our current Medicare/Medicaid system into a full care single-payer system for everyone. ObamaCare already has taken steps in this direction widening Medicaid eligibility.
  5. Because of differences between national character, size  and economies of the two countries ultimately this option will fail. The logical next step then will be to adopt the VA model of a single-payer, single-provider government-run health care delivery system for the nation’s veterans, that is, establish a National Health Service like the U.K.

How has the VA system worked out for veterans? For the latest examples see the developing scandals in the Veterans Administration medical service, which are eerily reminiscent of the constant U.K. NHS scandals.

This blog has highlighted failures in the NHS hospital system before. For the latest taste read “Scotland’s NHS ‘teetering on the edge of collapse’ where the chairman of the British Medical Association in Scotland attacks SNP ministers for focusing on ‘short-term fixes’ while ‘Rome is burning.’” From this story:

“Dr Brian Keighley, chairman of the British Medical Association (BMA) in Scotland, said there has been ‘continuing crisis management of the longest car crash in my memory’ over the past five years instead of ministers implementing long-term solutions. Keighley warned, “‘cracks’ are emerging in everything from the provision of hospital food to cancer waiting times targets.”Furthermore, “NHS statisticians recorded the most sizeable drop in the proportion of patients treated within two months of being referred by their GPs since the target was set in 2012.”

Or, for our own homegrown example of government run health care, well-publicized in current media, but I suspect, soon to be overtaken by other hot topics, check out the results of a White House study recently released:

“The troubled Veterans Affairs Healthcare System is plagued by a ‘corrosive culture’ of mismanagement and distrust that has had significant negative impacts on medical treatment for veterans, according to a White House review.

A summary of the review, which was done by deputy White House chief of staff Rob Nabors and released Friday, says the environment within the Veterans Health Administration hurt morale and affected the timeliness of health care, and the division of the department must be restructured. “

The sad and almost inescapable fact is the future of this country in the best case is a failed Socialist state like Great Britain and other members of the EU or worst case, as a third-world, Marxist, totalitarian state. This reality is staring us in the face of anyone with reason capabilities, a comprehension of current events and an understanding of history.

Unfortunately, the majority of the voting population lacks these skill sets.