In Case You Thought the Quality of Pharmaceuticals and Food in the U.S. Was Getting Better . . .

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration “Enforcement Report for July 5th, 2012” lists approximately 115 actions (too many to count easily), some worldwide, some nation-wide, some limited to a few or a single state. This includes multiple categories such as devices, food, drugs, and veterinary products. If you have a pet, it might be good if you checked out the veterinary drug and pet food recalls–the number at times may surprise you.

See the Future of Health Care In the U.S. Under Obamacare

A report published in the British newspaper The Telegraph appearing online July 1, 2012 states, “NHS patients should expect continued rationing of common operations for years to come, while hospital closures are ‘inevitable,’ according to an influential think-tank.”  The NHS (National Health Service) is the name for the socialized medical system run by the government in the United Kingdom. There are those in the U.S. who believe it is the ideal, but hidden, model visualized by the proponents of Obamacare.

Tighter controls by the NHS on who qualifies for specific procedures are being put into place. Such operations as hip and knee replacements or cataract surgery already are thought of as low clinical value. Under the new rules, it will be even harder to get this kind of operation. The report goes on to note that because of harder economic times and an aging population, many British hospitals are in “dire” financial straits and may face bankruptcy.

Since one of the elements of Obamacare includes a $500 billion cut to Medicare, only the most pollyannish of liberal advocates can continue to believe this will not affect the quality of care for seniors. Yet somehow, the government keeps telling us that even with millions of low-income people getting health insurance free or subsidized and with pre-existing conditions covered, somehow the costs of health care will go down in the U.S. Any reasonably intelligent person, not blinded by Kool-Aid, can see these claims as “snake oil.”